GEER Capabilities

GEER Capabilities
The Glenn Extreme Environments Rig (GEER) can simulate many planetary environments, but is currently configured for warm environments including high temperature, high pressure and multicomponent chemistry.

In the Venus configuration, GEER can reproduce conditions in the atmosphere from the surface of the planet to about 75 km. The quantity and type of the component gasses are customizable to fit the needs of any user.

Up to eight gas streams plus water can be combined and used in the chamber. Specific gas quantities can be very accurately controlled down to parts per million accuracy depending on the gas. Available gases for Venus include CO2, N2, COS, H2S, SO2, HF, HCL, NO, and CO. Water may be added in small quantities.  

  • Chamber rated from ambient to 1400 PSI and 500C (achieves Venus surface pressure and temperature conditions). Can achieve higher pressures at lower temperatures
  • Control atmosphere composition to ppb accuracy for any known atmospheric chemistry
  • System infrastructure is designed and sized to accommodate a larger or an additional chamber
  • Remote data and control access can be made available increasing efficiency and reducing costs
  • Ability to conduct tests at given static test points (composition, temperature and pressure)
  • Accurately measure and deliver desired gas mixture to the vessel
  • Provide before and after gas analysis
  • Run passive samples
  • Simple rail system for mounting
  • Provide facility data that’s captured through a PLC data logger
  • 28 ft stainless steel pressure vessel
  • Simulate planetary atmospheres with full chemistry, temperature, and pressure
  • Up to 8 gas streams plus water
  • Ability to change gas mixtures during system operation
  • Currently configured for Venus surface conditions
       • CO2, N2, SO2, HF, HCl, CO, OCS, H2S, and H2O
       • 1340 psia at 470C